Bob Hilke Jr

Hi, this is Bob Hilke Jr and here’s a little about me.  I am married to a wonderful wife, and am the father of four lovely children.  I play the Violin (classical) and also the Fiddle (Old Time, Bluegrass, etc.) – I beat the Iowa State Fiddle Champion at a contest.  I studied Nutritional Sciences, so I am a fan of Antioxidants, Ionized Water and other such things that help people live longer and enjoy life with better health. Over the years, I have zeroed in on several areas that seem to matter the most…

  1. Water – Everybody knows we need better water.  This impacts 100% of the population.  Huge impact.  And there is a fabulous solution!
  2. Heart and Cardiovascular Health – Nearly HALF of the population already have heart disease or one of the leading indicators leading to heart disease.  Half of those who already have heart disease will never know because their first symptom is death, and if they survive their first heart attack their life is significantly impacted from that day forward.  Heart disease is by far the number 1 killer, imposing death on more people than the next six greatest causes of death.  And there is a fabulous solution!
  3. Pain and Inflammation Reduction – No one should suffer from pain.  Inflammation is a primary cause of pain for many people.  Why take dangerous medications to manage pain and inflammation when there is a safe Natural Nutritional Pain relief product?  And, it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed to work or we will buy it back!

My passion for helping people improve their health and well being is what motivates me to share what I know with people.  And the internet is the great enabler to get the message to those searching for the solutions we have to offer.

Please browse my website and let me know what questions you have.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Hi Bob, I m an independent distributor of Enagic like U from Malaysia. I heard you and the other speakers at the BBW part 3 organized by EWS. I m inspired by what you said and being a “virgin” in trying my hand at Internet biz despite being 65 years young! So I decided to duplicate (hopefully) your actions and have an online presence. Thank you for inspiring me.

    PS Lim

  2. Hi PS Lim! Nice to hear from you, and I wish you the best with your Enagic Kangen Water business. It is such a great product, so I’m glad to know folks in Malaysia are enjoying it.

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