Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days and 1,621 mpg for 3.5 months

Chevy Volt Mileage is 1,924 Miles Per Gallon

Our Chevy Volt is exceeding expectations on miles per gallon

Chevy Volt Mileage is consistently high for nearly four months

For the period starting mid-March through the end of June, our Chevy Volt mileage averaged 1,621 miles per gallon, based on 2707.48 miles traveled and using 1.67 gallons.

We are thrilled with our Chevy Volt mileage!

Our Chevy Volt mileage actual results are much better than we anticipated.  So far, we are able to travel most days entirely within the battery range.

Chevy Volt Trip Log from

In March, Chevy started feeding Volt data to the website for Chevy Volt owners to access their vehicle mileage data.  Here’s the top/bottom of the past 30-day report for our volt, including the totals at the bottom, and my calculation of the totals showing 1924 miles per gallon.

Chevy Volt Mileage - data showing 1924 miles per gallon


You can see from the totals in the red band, we drove our volt 615.75 total miles from June 3 through July 3, and during that time period we used 0.32 gallons of gasoline.  That equates to 1,924.2 miles per gallon.  We are pleased with these Chevy Volt mileage results.  We have not pulled into a gas station with the Volt since February – more than 4 months!


Kangen Water and Bodybuilding

Alkaline Water used by Wade Lightheart – World Class Bodybuilder

Wade Lightheart who is also known as Wade McNutt is a Raw Vegan, and he drinks Alkaline Kangen Water that has been Ionized by a Kangen Water Ionizer.

Wade wins National titles in body building, using no chemicals and no drugs. Wade attributes his success to his healthy diet and drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline Water is part of Wade’s daily routine

Wade begins every day with a glass of Ionized Kangen Water. Wade believes the solution to pollution is dilution.  Alkaline water is perfect for his needs.

Wade discusses how his Kangen Water Ionizer machine makes five different types of water including for cleaning, beauty and drinking.

Wade makes antioxidant Alkaline Water with a Kangen Water Ionizer

Wade shows how he gets a minus 300 ORP with his alkaline water which is much stronger of an antioxidant than Vitamin C.

Wade has authored several books and has over 230 published articles with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

See additional information about Wade McNutt…

See additional information about the Kangen Water Ionizer Wade demonstrates in his video…

Kangen Water Ionizer…

Alkaline Water


Pain Relief

Pain Relief

If you are looking for Natural Pain Relief, you just found it.

pain reliefFinally – The Pain is GONE !!! – 100% Guarantee

In all my years of dealing with natural supplements, I have never seen one that works like this one.

GONE is an all NATURAL product designed to target PAIN Relief and INFLAMMATION!

Because it works so fast and for so many, I am sharing with as many as I can.

Pain is real.  Pain hurts.  The older we get, the more pain we have.  Inflammation causes pain.  Inflammation can cause chronic issues including heart disease.  Pain and Inflammation can both become constants in our life if we let them.  Now you can do something about both of them!

Pain Relief is a very big issue for so many these days and GONE works so FAST.  If you are interested I will send you a FREE sample for you to try so you can see for yourself why I am so excited about this product, as well as the opportunity that it offers in this time of economic hardship.

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Chevy Volt gets 9,300 Miles Per Gallon for 30 days

Chevy Volt Mileage Update

Our Chevy VOLT drove 837 miles the past 30 days, on only 0.09 gallons of gas.  Plus some electricity of course, which costs about one to two dollars per day.

Chevy Volt 30 day Mileage Results


chevy volt

Our Chevy Volt got 9,300 Miles Per Gallon the past 30 days

The gas mileage calculates to 837 miles / 0.09 gallons = 9,300 miles per gallon.  This far exceeds our expectation.  We still have not added any gas to the car in three months, and still have over 7 gallons sitting in the tank.  One reason we have been able to get such good results with the VOLT is that we installed a 240 Volt charging in the garage so when we get home we can charge it quickly and take it out on errands in the evening on the 2nd charge.  We rarely find ourselves outside the battery range.  When fully charged, we typically have about 38 to 40 miles battery range per charge, with normal driving.  We can extend that a few extra miles if we are careful in accelerating and braking so we can minimize lost energy due to driving technique.

9,300 miles per gallon is pretty sweet!

I LOVE our Chevy Volt!

Enagic Financing for SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer

Kangen Water Ionizer Financing

If you ever wanted to order the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer, now is the time to do it because we have remarkable financing available to make it affordable for any family.  You can now purchase an SD501 for just $131 per month!  And your get your machine right away, even before your first payment is due.  No Money Down!

Enagic SD501 Financing…

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enagic financing

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Now you can take that leap of faith and get started right away drinking the best water on the planet.  And, if you like, you can start a rewarding Enagic business sharing Kangen Water with other people with owning such an affordable business.  And with the income you generate in customer referral commissions, should you choose to tell anone else about this great water, you can pay off your loan ahead of time without any early payoff penalty.

Finance terms can’t get much better than this!

Check out my website for more details including information on how to get started with your finance application and SD501 purchase.  I’ll help you with it.

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sd501 financing

I can hardly wait to hear from you because I’m anxious to help you get your own SD501 ASAP!


Bob Hilke Jr
Enagic 5A Distributor
1.800.584.3596 phone
1.815.572.0405 fax – Order SD501 Online – SD501 Demonstration – Color SD501 Brochure – Models and Prices – Finance Options – Kangen Water Overview – Kangen Water Information – Hydration and Electrolysis – Kangen Water Definition – Kangen Water Resources – Hilke Intro Webinar – 5 Types H2O – Kangen Water Uses – Warranty and Certification – Alkaline Experts Talk – Enagic Business Presentation – Start a Global Business

Chevy Volt Mileage Update – 3,475 Miles Per Gallon!


Our Chevy Volt Mileage for April was 1,332 miles per gallon – we drove 919.1 miles using 0.69 gallons. For the most recent 30 days our mileage has averaged 3,465 miles per gallon – we drove 901 miles on 0.26 gallons. I’ll post another video this weekend showing the data.

Introducing Synergy Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll

liquid chlorophyll

Introducing the amazing – Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that facilitates respiration and growth, is a significant nutrient found in green, leafy vegetables.

In humans, chlorophyll provides a myriad of benefits:

  • Cardiovascular support
  • Blood cleansing
  • Immune enhancement
  • Increased intestinal health
  • Overall increased sense of well-being

Sourced from mulberry leaves and alfalfa, Synergy’s Liquid Chlorophyll is a rich, highly-concentrated combination of chlorophyllin (sodium copper chlorophyllin) and peppermint oil. Chlorophyllin has been shown to provide valuable DNA protection against ionizing radiation and chemical mutagens that disorganize genes and can further lead to significant health complications.

Liquid Chlorophyll also contains barley

Barley is a grass that has been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels while acting as a good source of vitamins and proteins. Studies also support the ability of barley grass to scavenge free radicals and act as a powerful antioxidant.

Liquid Chlorophyll serves as a perfect companion to Synergy’s heart healthy products.

Read more Liquid Chlorophyll details…

Liquid Chlorophyll Product Fact Sheet…

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Some basics about Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll has Lots Of health benefits it can make it a genuine wonder-food.   Nevertheless, one of the most extraordinary and amazing benefits it offers is that its molecular structure is nearly identical to hemoglobin with the exception of the center atom.   In hemoglobin it is iron, whereas in chlorophyll it is magnesium.   Because of this when consumed, chlorophyll can help complete the job of hemoglobin (hemoglobin is really vital to the health of our blood — in fact, blood is roughly 75% hemoglobin).   It really helps to improve and replenish the red blood cells and boost energy and well-being very quickly.  Chlorophyll is the green pigment that captures energy from  sunlight  in  photosynthesis .  It’s the green pigment in plants that employs the sun’s energy in photosynthesis.  It is essential for  photosynthesis , that enables plants to obtain energy from light.  It’s the pigment which provides plants their green color and mediates photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll can help protect and support healthy cells and promote elimination of toxins from the body.  It is fluorescent.  It is believed to help regulate T  lymphocyte counts  in patients with active destructive pneumonia.  Chlorophyll is a compound known to be a chelate. Chlorophyll makes a dried residue at the bottom of the test tube.  It is one of the more important chelates in nature.  It may also reduce inflammation in some cases.  Chlorophyll supports key metabolic functions in plants including respiration and growth.  Chlorophyll is a common ingredient that is in all green foods and it accounts for the green color seen everywhere on land and water.  It is essential to all life because it helps vegetation cleanse the environment and raise o2 levels.  Chlorophyll may be generally known as the “blood” of plant life.

Try Liquid Chlorophyll

I tried Liquid Chlorophyll and absolutely LOVE it!  I recommend you try some too and see why it is Nature Sunshine’s Number One selling product!

Now you can get Liquid Chlorophyll through Synergy from a Synergy Distributor.  Why not become a Synergy Distributor yourself and help us get the word out to folks about this wonderful product called Liquid Chlorophyll?

Check out the Liquid Chlorophyll Product Fact Sheet for a lot of great information for what is in the product and why it is such a great nutrition product.

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Liquid Chlorophyll Product Fact Sheet…

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Get a SUNUS Kangen Water Ionizers Now or Never

A few more SUNUS Kangen Water Ionizers are available, but they will soon be gone…

Enagic has discontinued manufacturing the SUNUS model effective May 1, 2012.  However, they said they are still selling them until their supplies run out.  If you would like to purchase the SUNUS Kangen Water Ionizer, I recommend you do so ASAP, because Enagic has already stopped making this travel-size starter model and it will no longer be offered.  Buy it today and Enagic will continue to support the 3-year warranty and provide service.  Wait… and you will never again have the chance to purchase this remarkable water machine.


Price: $1280

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The Starter Model

The SUNUS is one of Enagic’s “starter” models because it is affordable for families on almost any budget. You can start enjoying the benefits of drinking alkaline Kangen Water® with the SUNUS today, and move onto the flagship SD501 at a later time. This machine produces both drinking waters and Beauty Water (see below), with 3 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates. Stay hydrated and enjoy healthy personal hygiene at a great bargain!

Generates: Kangen Water® (7.5 – 9.5pH), Neutral Water (7.0pH), Slightly Acidic “Beauty” Water (6.0 – 6.5pH)

Here’s why it will no longer be available starting May 1…

Enagic® to EXCLUSIVELY Sell Kangen Water® Leveluk® Machines

We will be discontinuing the SUNUS Machine.

Enagic® prides itself on the essential and comprehensive uses of all five types of water produced by our Kangen Water® Leveluk® machines.

See ALL the Enagic Water Ionizer Models…

These diverse waters are:

  1. 9.5pH, 9.0pH, and 8.5pH Alkaline Kangen Water®
  2. 2.5pH Sanitary Strong Acid Water
  3. 11.5pH Strong Kangen Water®
  4. 5.0pH Acidic Beauty Water
  5. 7.0pH Clean Neutral Water

Our electrolysis water machines generate these five types of water at the touch of a button, all for your convenience, safety and health. Our goal is to positively impact your life through the daily use of these powerful, efficient waters.

To that end, Enagic® will focus on only those machines which produce all five of these important waters, because your home needs them all!

Effective 1 May 2012, Enagic® will cease production of the SUNUS line of water ionizers. The SUNUS, an affordable Kangen Water® machine, is not included in the LeveLuk® line of water ionizers and does not produce the Sanitary Water or Strong Kangen Water®.

We will of course honor all warranties outstanding and continue to service the SUNUS line long into the future.

Enagic® welcomes you to embrace this focus on the five most important waters in your life. It is our highest hope that Kangen Water® will be the instrument in your life to support your realization of a healthy body, healthy finances, and a healthy mind!

Let me know if I can help you get one of these SUNUS machines now while supplies last.


Bob Hilke Jr
Enagic 5A Distributor
1.800.584.3596 phone
1.815.572.0405 fax

Chevy Volt gets 1,693 Miles Per Gallon for 30 Days

Chevy Volt Mileage: 1,693 Miles Per Gallon

Recently, Chevy started submitting Volt mileage data to the Volt consumer web portal so among other useful information, Volt owners can monitor their efficiency and mileage data.

Chevy Volt Mileage Portal

Today for the first time, the recent 30-day Chevy Volt mileage report was available for us to see how our Volt performed the past 30 days.  I was thrilled to see that in the 965 miles we drove our Volt these recent 30 days, we used only 0.57 gallons of gas.  This equates to 1,693 miles per gallon.  We did not need to add any gasoline to our Volt during that time!

Chevy Volt Mileage Consumer Portal data:

Chevy Volt Mileage Results - most recent 30 days


One of the reasons we decided to purchase a Volt was because of the Chevy Volt mileage – we hoped that we could achieve something better than 100 miles per gallon, so our expectations are exceeded to be realizing well over 1000 miles per gallon.

In the chart, you will notice that most days our usage is around 30 to 40 miles.  Our usage patterns are particularly well suited to get good mpg benefits because the Chevy Volt mileage is optimized with about 40 miles round trip per charge.  Some days, we are able to do a 30 to 40 mile usage, return home for a charge, and then take another trip so we are still on 100% electric even though the total miles for the day far exceeds 40 miles.

We are very pleased with our Chevy Volt mileage results.

Proargi-9 Information

Proargi9 – Synergy’s L-arginine L-citrulline Complexor