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Chevy VoltAs you can probably surmise, I own a Chevy Volt.  For two years I studied to learn about the Volt.  I was intrigued from day 1.  My family and I visited two car shows to see the Volt before we were serious enough to purchase.  Finally, when our previous car started costing more to maintain than a car payment, I did the math and determined I could not afford to not get a Volt.  I was putting in about $70 of gas nearly every week just to get kids to school and me to and from work.  We bought the car a few months ago, and since we purchased the Volt we have obtained more than 300 miles per gallon.  After nearly 3 months of ownership I have only put 3.9 gallons of gasoline into the gas tank – and I wouldn’t have needed to because it still has nearly 8 gallons of gas still in the tank!  In the past 2040 miles we have used only 3.2 gallons which works out to well over 630 miles per gallon. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results we are enjoying with the Volt.  It has exceeded my expectations.

Chevy Volt Front ViewYou can visit my Chevy Volt blog page to see updates on our results driving the Volt.

Chevy Volt Right Side

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