Chevy Volt Customer Review Videos

Chevy Volt User Reviews

Driving the Chevy Volt – a Customer Review

Take a ride in the Chevy Volt and see why it becoming such a popular car. Customer review includes seeing many of the features including power management, climate control, how quiet and smooth the Volt drives.

Connecting the Chevy Volt to its Charging Station

See how the Voltec 240-volt charging station connects to the Chevy Volt, and how it is installed in the garage.

Unplugging the Chevy Volt from its Charging Station

This video shows how easy it is to unplug the Chevy Volt from the 240-volt Voltec charging station.  The Voltec charging station provides a full charge to an empty battery within about 3.5 to 4.0 hours.

Chevy Volt Gets 630 Miles Per Gallon

Our Chevy Volt is getting 630 miles per gallon in the most recent 2040 miles!

Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days

This is a 7/4/2012 update



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