Chevy Volt Gets 630 Miles Per Gallon

Chevy Volt Mileage

Our Chevy Volt is getting 630 miles per gallon in the most recent 2040 miles!

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  2. […] to 40 miles.  Our usage patterns are particularly well suited to get good mpg benefits because the Chevy Volt mileage is optimized with about 40 miles round trip per charge.  Some days, we are able to do a 30 to 40 […]

  3. PMAN says:

    I don’t see any statistics related to long range trips? Do you only use this car for in town driving? do you ever take long range trips? What do you do if you were about to take a 300 mile trip, then what?

    Thanks for your site stats on the Volt. I am considering purchasing one. We currently own the Malibu LTZ 2012.

  4. admin says:

    We finally took a long trip – went several thousand miles. The average for the entire trip which of course was gas-only, was 37.0 mpg.

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