Financing an Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer

Finance Your Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer

sd501 financing

I am an Enagic distributor, and when you order your Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer from me I can help you get financing so your monthly payment will be very low, and with no money down!  Here’s a few details…

  • Finance rate is 5.99%
  • No money down
  • Minimal processing fee is financed
  • You get your Enagic Water Ionizer SD501 right away – even before the first payment
  • Can be paid off any time without penalty
  • Credit check requires 625 score or better
  • Lower than 625 will require a co-signor
  • Available in the U.S. only at this time
  • Only a $9 per month difference between JRII and SD501, so get the SD501

To get started, simply submit your contact information and I will get back with you promptly to assist you with your order.

Include the following in the contact form below:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Address
  • What model you want (browse here: Kangen Water Ionizer Models)
  • Verify you will purchase from me
  • Do you want information about the Enagic Customer Referral Program?

I look forward to hearing from you, and am anxious to help you get your SD501 financed and delivered to your door ASAP!

Bob Hilke Jr
Enagic 5A Distributor
1.800.584.3596 phone
1.815.572.0405 fax


Be sure to press the [SEND] button (above) and NOT the “submit” button below because the submit button is for the comment field.  I want to get your message!  Thank you.

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