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Welcome to my personal web site.  If you were searching for Bob Hilke Jr. or Robert Hilke Jr., you've likely arrived at the correct destination because there aren't to many of us by that name. 

Hopefully you will find something of interest here.  The links at the top will guide you through my site.  I've shared quite a bit about my interests, and I will be significantly expanding the link content related to those interests, so check back every month or so if you find topics that we share in common.

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I'm in the process (spare time) of putting some of my favorite resources together all on this one domain.  It is a work in process.  But, when it is fully developed it should be a great place to find just about anything you are looking for to make your home more complete, find gardening supplies, office supplies, business development tools, legal resources, financial products, nutrition products, music and much more.

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Bob and Mary Hilke 50th Wedding Anniversary  

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Mary Hilke!

Now you can see where my good looks come from.

To help Mom and Dad celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, we prepared a website for them so our family and friends can enjoy a few photos, sign their guestbook and send them an email to congratulate them.

If you haven't had a chance to visit their site yet you can check it out right here...

You can go right to their guestbook here:

Bob and Mary's Guestbook

Many visitors will be looking for the Hilke Sirmans STANDARDS CD.  It can be ordered by clicking on the image.  You can also listen to several tracks.

Hilke Sirmans STANDARDS CS

Hilke Sirmans STANDARDS

Bob Hilke Jr. and C.F. Sirmans
Fiddle and Guitar Instrumental CD

Available for Sale at... CD Baby

Yes, I do play the Fiddle, and I think I'm even pretty good at it.  At least I beat the Iowa State Fiddle Champion at a Fiddle contest a few years ago, so that must count for something.  But, my real passion and what I studied and have a degree in is Nutritional Sciences.  Yes - that's right - I believe people's health and wellbeing are greatly influenced by what they eat and I'm interested in helping people to be healthy and live forever -- or at least to live a reasonably long time with the best health possible so they can enjoy life.  And, because I believe in sharing helpful information with others so they can also benefit from what I know, I offer a suggestion... 

Is your HEALTH and LONGEVITY Important to YOU?  If so, please visit my new website about Kangen WaterTM:   KANGEN WATERTM -

Alkaline Ionized Kangen WaterTM with a strong Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) will help you normalize the PH of your body to overcome the Acids in your diet and drinking water, and will help you SLOW Down the Aging process because you will turn every glass of tap water into a glass full of ANTIOXIDANTS!  Too good to be true?  Might be hard to believe, but it is TRUE!  Read more here about Kangen WaterTM...

You can order my Free eBook about Kangen WaterTM and how to Balance your body's PH:

ACID / ALKALINE Balance - Change Your Water - Change Your Life

There's lots of information to read and learn about Kangen WaterTM, so I encourage you to browse.  I believe Kangen Water will become recognized shortly in the United States as one of the major new health products.  Already today it is in one out of every five homes in Japan where the technology has existed for 40 years.  The Medical Doctor who developed the Colonoscopy procedure treats his patients with Kangen WaterTM.  The equipment is registered as a Medical Device.  Hospitals and health clinics in Japan use Kangen Water to treat their patients for many health conditions.  Here's some more resources to read about Kangen WaterTM:

Bob Hilke's Kangen WaterTM Information Websites:

Kangen Water Ionizer

I could tout many excellent Antioxidant products or other health remedies that are truly phenomenal.  But to share just one health product that I believe to have the most potential to help the most people to solve the most health conditions and generally improve their health and wellness the most, I can only recommend that every person use Kangen WaterTM.  It truly is an amazing product.  And it is so economical because you can make it at your kitchen sink.

Remember:  No Success can Compensate for the Premature Failure of the Human Body

Here's something new and exciting!...

If you enjoy my site or if you have any questions regarding the content, I'd love to hear from you.  Simply visit the "Contact" page to reach me.  Also, if you have a personal web page and would like to exchange links with me, please see the instructions at the "Links" page.

Thanks for visiting!


Bob Hilke, Jr.

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