Dr. Joseph Prendergast – Forumulator of Synergy Proargi9 Plus

I must tell you about something very exciting that can help practically every person.  I studied Nutritional Sciences because I believed with that knowledge I could help people live LONGER and HEALTHIER.  This is certainly the case with a product called ProArgi9 based on Nobel Prize Winning research and more than 10 years of Clinical development and testing.  Dr. Joseph Prendergast who is the formulator has treated more than 8,000 patients with ProArgi9 over the past 19 years and not one of those patients has had a heart attack or stroke. Prior to using L-arginine, Dr. Prendergast had to refer 30% of his patients for cardiovascular surgery, but not since implementing L-arginine therapy in his practice.

dr. joseph prendergast

Dr. Joseph Prendergast tells the ProArgi9 story. He is an Endocrinologist who has treated more than 8,000 patients in the past 18 years with these remarkable results:
– ZERO Heart Attacks
– ZERO Strokes
– ZERO Stents
These results are all the more remarkable because Dr. Prendergast treats a large number of high risk diabetics who would normally be expected to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

On January 22, the High Desert Heart Institute of California released to the public results of a clinical trial using ProArgi9 with heart patients on the transplant list.  They were all on the transplant list because they had exhausted all other medical options for help.  After using ProArgi9, all the trial patients obtained remarkable improvement and all of the patients were REMOVED from the transplant list.

dr. joseph prendergast

The results of this clinical trial will be published in medical journals.  Meanwhile, anyone interested can learn about and obtain this remarkable nutrition product at these websites:

More exciting information will be posted soon on the results of the clinical trial.

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