Introducing Synergy Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll

liquid chlorophyll

Introducing the amazing – Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that facilitates respiration and growth, is a significant nutrient found in green, leafy vegetables.

In humans, chlorophyll provides a myriad of benefits:

  • Cardiovascular support
  • Blood cleansing
  • Immune enhancement
  • Increased intestinal health
  • Overall increased sense of well-being

Sourced from mulberry leaves and alfalfa, Synergy’s Liquid Chlorophyll is a rich, highly-concentrated combination of chlorophyllin (sodium copper chlorophyllin) and peppermint oil. Chlorophyllin has been shown to provide valuable DNA protection against ionizing radiation and chemical mutagens that disorganize genes and can further lead to significant health complications.

Liquid Chlorophyll also contains barley

Barley is a grass that has been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels while acting as a good source of vitamins and proteins. Studies also support the ability of barley grass to scavenge free radicals and act as a powerful antioxidant.

Liquid Chlorophyll serves as a perfect companion to Synergy’s heart healthy products.

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Some basics about Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll has Lots Of health benefits it can make it a genuine wonder-food.   Nevertheless, one of the most extraordinary and amazing benefits it offers is that its molecular structure is nearly identical to hemoglobin with the exception of the center atom.   In hemoglobin it is iron, whereas in chlorophyll it is magnesium.   Because of this when consumed, chlorophyll can help complete the job of hemoglobin (hemoglobin is really vital to the health of our blood — in fact, blood is roughly 75% hemoglobin).   It really helps to improve and replenish the red blood cells and boost energy and well-being very quickly.  Chlorophyll is the green pigment that captures energy from  sunlight  in  photosynthesis .  It’s the green pigment in plants that employs the sun’s energy in photosynthesis.  It is essential for  photosynthesis , that enables plants to obtain energy from light.  It’s the pigment which provides plants their green color and mediates photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll can help protect and support healthy cells and promote elimination of toxins from the body.  It is fluorescent.  It is believed to help regulate T  lymphocyte counts  in patients with active destructive pneumonia.  Chlorophyll is a compound known to be a chelate. Chlorophyll makes a dried residue at the bottom of the test tube.  It is one of the more important chelates in nature.  It may also reduce inflammation in some cases.  Chlorophyll supports key metabolic functions in plants including respiration and growth.  Chlorophyll is a common ingredient that is in all green foods and it accounts for the green color seen everywhere on land and water.  It is essential to all life because it helps vegetation cleanse the environment and raise o2 levels.  Chlorophyll may be generally known as the “blood” of plant life.

Try Liquid Chlorophyll

I tried Liquid Chlorophyll and absolutely LOVE it!  I recommend you try some too and see why it is Nature Sunshine’s Number One selling product!

Now you can get Liquid Chlorophyll through Synergy from a Synergy Distributor.  Why not become a Synergy Distributor yourself and help us get the word out to folks about this wonderful product called Liquid Chlorophyll?

Check out the Liquid Chlorophyll Product Fact Sheet for a lot of great information for what is in the product and why it is such a great nutrition product.

Read more Liquid Chlorophyll details…

Liquid Chlorophyll Product Fact Sheet…

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