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Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days and 1,621 mpg for 3.5 months

Chevy Volt Mileage is 1,924 Miles Per Gallon Our Chevy Volt is exceeding expectations on miles per gallon Chevy Volt Mileage is consistently high for nearly four months For the period starting mid-March through the end of June, our Chevy Volt mileage averaged 1,621 miles per gallon, based on 2707.48 miles traveled and using 1.67 […]


Chevy Volt gets 9,300 Miles Per Gallon for 30 days

Chevy Volt Mileage Update Our Chevy VOLT drove 837 miles the past 30 days, on only 0.09 gallons of gas.  Plus some electricity of course, which costs about one to two dollars per day. Chevy Volt 30 day Mileage Results   Our Chevy Volt got 9,300 Miles Per Gallon the past 30 days The gas […]


Chevy Volt Mileage Update – 3,475 Miles Per Gallon!

CHEVY VOLT MILEAGE UPDATE: Our Chevy Volt Mileage for April was 1,332 miles per gallon – we drove 919.1 miles using 0.69 gallons. For the most recent 30 days our mileage has averaged 3,465 miles per gallon – we drove 901 miles on 0.26 gallons. I’ll post another video this weekend showing the data.


Chevy Volt gets 1,693 Miles Per Gallon for 30 Days

Chevy Volt Mileage: 1,693 Miles Per Gallon Recently, Chevy started submitting Volt mileage data to the Volt consumer web portal so among other useful information, Volt owners can monitor their efficiency and mileage data. Chevy Volt Mileage Portal Today for the first time, the recent 30-day Chevy Volt mileage report was available for us to […]


Chevy Volt Gets 630 Miles Per Gallon

Chevy Volt Mileage Our Chevy Volt is getting 630 miles per gallon in the most recent 2040 miles!