Chevy Volt Mileage Update – 3,475 Miles Per Gallon!

CHEVY VOLT MILEAGE UPDATE: Our Chevy Volt Mileage for April was 1,332 miles per gallon – we drove 919.1 miles using 0.69 gallons. For the most recent 30 days our mileage has averaged 3,465 miles per gallon – we drove 901 miles on 0.26 gallons. I’ll post another video this weekend showing the data.

Proargi-9 Information

Proargi9 – Synergy’s L-arginine L-citrulline Complexor – information about heart disease / heart health – overview of L-arginine / Proargi9 / Doctor’s perspective – scientific research publications and customer testimonials – order Proargi9 retail – or enroll as a distributor  

Cardiovascular Disease Overview

Cardiovascular Disease – Cardiologist Overview Considerations of Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease is prevalent in the United States.  Dr. Amy Epps, Cardiologist, indicates Congestive Heart Failure and Bypasses are commonplace.  Millions of Americas have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. Although many people don’t realize it, heart disease is the most common killer today.  Cardiovascular […]

Conception to Birth

This is truly amazing… a medical scientist explains what he has learned at Yale in studying human embryo development, and shows actual scans of the beginning of life! Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond.  

Making Kangen Water with the Enagic SD501

How to Make Kangen Water We have this machine in our kitchen to make all our drinking water.  It is absolutely marvelous.  It is the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer.  In this video, I’m demonstrating how to make the five different types of water with the ionizer. You can learn more here:

Dr. Joseph Prendergast – Forumulator of Synergy Proargi9 Plus

I must tell you about something very exciting that can help practically every person.  I studied Nutritional Sciences because I believed with that knowledge I could help people live LONGER and HEALTHIER.  This is certainly the case with a product called ProArgi9 based on Nobel Prize Winning research and more than 10 years of Clinical […]