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Proargi9 – Synergy’s L-arginine L-citrulline Complexor http://veryhealthyheart.com – information about heart disease / heart health http://veryhealthyheart.net – overview of L-arginine / Proargi9 / Doctor’s perspective http://veryhealthyheart.info – scientific research publications and customer testimonials http://veryhealthyheart.biz – order Proargi9 retail – or enroll as a distributor  

Really High Blood Pressure helped with ProArgi9

Really High Blood Pressure Gary Denson has had high blood pressure since he was 22.  By age 30 he was send home from work because his blood pressure was out of control.  By the time he was 37 he had a heart attack and his blood pressure was 280/260. Watch Gary tell his story in […]

High Desert Heart Institute L-arginine Clinical Trial

High Desert Heart Institute The HDHI did the most comprehensive human clinical study every conducted on a nutritional supplement. Their results with ProArgi9 are stunning. Why this clinical study is important to you. This is PRODUCT study. Most clinical studies look at just one item, such as l-arginine to try and isolate and identify what […]


ProArgi9 is a Synergy nutritional product formulated by Dr. Joseph Prendergast and manufactured by Nature Sunshine for Synergy Worldwide.  ProArgi9 is a food supplement with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline and other incredibly good-for-you ingredients to strengthen the cardiovascular system. I started a ProArgi9 blog… ProArgi9 Visit the blog to learn how you can say “NO” to […]

My Visit to Meet Dr. Joseph Prendergast

I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah and saw Dr. Joseph Prendergast in person.  Dr. Prendergast is from California, and he is the developer of ProArgi9.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about Synergy, and about the ProArgi9 product.  Dr. Prendergast is an amazing scientist and doctor.  His fame for being […]

Synergy ProArgi9 Plus Clinical Trial

This just in from California… Victorville meeting was a success! Synergy WorldWide Last weekend, over 200 Synergy Executives, leaders, Team Members, and associates gathered in Victorville, CA for a special meeting to discuss the benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus. Siva Arunasalam, MD, head of the High Desert Heart Institute, shared his enthusiasm for ProArgi-9 with the […]