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High Desert Heart Institute L-arginine Clinical Trial

High Desert Heart Institute The HDHI did the most comprehensive human clinical study every conducted on a nutritional supplement. Their results with ProArgi9 are stunning. Why this clinical study is important to you. This is PRODUCT study. Most clinical studies look at just one item, such as l-arginine to try and isolate and identify what […]


ProArgi9 is a Synergy nutritional product formulated by Dr. Joseph Prendergast and manufactured by Nature Sunshine for Synergy Worldwide.  ProArgi9 is a food supplement with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline and other incredibly good-for-you ingredients to strengthen the cardiovascular system. I started a ProArgi9 blog… ProArgi9 Visit the blog to learn how you can say “NO” to […]

My Visit to Meet Dr. Joseph Prendergast

I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah and saw Dr. Joseph Prendergast in person.  Dr. Prendergast is from California, and he is the developer of ProArgi9.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about Synergy, and about the ProArgi9 product.  Dr. Prendergast is an amazing scientist and doctor.  His fame for being […]