Horsetail Falls Hike

Horsetail Falls Hike, Dear Creek – Dry Creek Trail, Alpine Utah

Laurel and I hiked up the Dear Creek – Dry Creek Trail to see Horsetail Falls.

The trip up to the falls was 1.8 miles with a 1544 foot elevation increase. The trip down was much faster and easier! Overall, the hike was about three hours, and that includes meandering along the creek for about half hour, a few rest stops along the way, and time at the top to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The video clips cover maybe a third of the trail. It was easier filming downhill, so there’s more footage that direction. I used a GoPro Hero 9 camera for the video.

The background noise all along the trail is the creek which has a fairly good amount of recently melted snow flowing down through the canyon. We had plenty of lovely bird music along the way too.

Horsetail Falls is beautiful, and the hike was well worth the effort. We’ll do it again soon!

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