Israeli Study on Natural Immunity vs Vaccine

Johns Hopkins University Professor, Dr. Marty Makary, guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, August 27, 2021.

Key Points:

  • Truth is Truth. “Political Science” is just that… political. “Real Science” requires actual data from “real” scientific studies… without the political spin or filters.
  • “In God We Trust – Everyone else has to bring data.” (Seth David Radwell, follows the Dr. Makary interview).
  • If you do not have natural immunity, get the vaccine. If you have natural immunity, there’s great news for you.
  • Researchers in Israel completed a large study of 700,000 people.
  • This study is to date the largest real world analysis comparing natural immunity (persons who have had Covid) with vaccinated immunity.
  • The study confirms 14 other studies (although you probably haven’t heard about this study or the other 14 studies if your source of information is mainstream media).
  • Vaccinated people are 13 times as likely to be infected with Covid than those who have natural immunity.
  • Vaccinated people are 27 times more likely to be symptomatic with Covid than those who have natural immunity.
  • With 19 months of data, natural immunity is found to be going strong, whereas vaccine immunity is weaker and wanes (expect to need lots of ongoing boosters).
  • With natural immunity you get more of an antibody response to the entire surface of the virus rather than just the Spike protein which the vaccine targets. And you get a cellular response that may be more durable.
  • Public health officials took an edict from the top with the political talking point of “everyone needs the vaccine”, but the science does not support that model. People who do not have the natural immunity need the vaccine.
  • The CDC website states if you have had Chickenpox in the past, do not get the Chickenpox vaccine. It’s the same immune system — it is just that the Covid immunity has been politicized.
  • The hypothesis that natural immunity will not work turns out to have been a bad hypothesis… the data now shows that was wrong.
  • Over 80% of Americans now likely have some form of immunity.

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