Jacobs Ladder Mountain Bike Trail

Jacobs Ladder Mountain Bike Trail

For best viewing, use these GoPro links:

* Watch #3 if you only want to see Jacobs Ladder.

Recorded June 19, 2021

Jacobs Ladder mountain bike trail is a downhill trail, rated black diamond, above Corner Canyon. It drops 800 feet in 1.3 miles. The upper-most part of the trail has a lot of bare rock and a narrow path atop a narrow ridge with spectacular views. Partway down, the trail has a lot of sandy sections. The trail is steep so good brakes and a low seat are essential.

This video is a complete trip from Alpine to Jacobs Ladder and back to Alpine, as follows:

  • 200 North / Westfield Road, Alpine
  • Highland Blvd / Suncrest Drive
  • Peak View (Lower) Trail
  • Peak View Trail
  • Jacobs Ladder Middle Trail
  • Jacobs Ladder (Lower) Trail
  • Ghost Trail
  • Corner Canyon Road, Upper
  • Peak View Connector
  • Hog Hollow Road / Hoof n’ Boot Trail
  • Back to Alpine

The weather was a hot sunshiny 93 degrees, so I only passed a couple other bikers on the trails.

Because the video is long, I don’t expect folks to watch the whole thing. Here’s time stamps I recommend you see:

  • 17:00 View of Jacobs Ladder from Suncrest Drive
  • 23:00 Peak View Trail
  • 29:25 Looking back toward Draper / Traverse Ridge
  • 33:35 Beautiful view of the Mountain Peaks and Utah Lake
  • 41:30 Approaching Jacobs Ladder
  • 42:00 Jacobs Ladder Trail, starting at the top
  • 50:05 Ghost Trail

The video was made with a GoPro Hero 9 video camera, using a shoulder strap mount. As it was very hot and dry, I stopped for several brief water breaks along the way which I did not edit out.

I don’t fly down trails like this at 50+mph like some guys do, so if you are looking for speed thrills, sorry. There’s some beautiful scenes on this route. I hope you enjoy the video!

Resources with information about Jacob’s Ladder

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