Enagic Financing for SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer

Kangen Water Ionizer Financing

If you ever wanted to order the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer, now is the time to do it because we have remarkable financing available to make it affordable for any family.  You can now purchase an SD501 for just $131 per month!  And your get your machine right away, even before your first payment is due.  No Money Down!

Enagic SD501 Financing…

I am thrilled to inform you that we now have some very excellent terms on financing available to help you purchase your Kangen Water Ionizer at just $131 per month.

That’s right!  Just…

$131 / Month!!!

For THIS!…

enagic financing

The finance rate is a low 5.99%…


There is no money down.

Yes, that’s right…

No Money Down!!!


You will get your machine right away – before you make your first payment.

Now you can take that leap of faith and get started right away drinking the best water on the planet.  And, if you like, you can start a rewarding Enagic business sharing Kangen Water with other people with owning such an affordable business.  And with the income you generate in customer referral commissions, should you choose to tell anone else about this great water, you can pay off your loan ahead of time without any early payoff penalty.

Finance terms can’t get much better than this!

Check out my website for more details including information on how to get started with your finance application and SD501 purchase.  I’ll help you with it.

Here’s where the information is…




sd501 financing

I can hardly wait to hear from you because I’m anxious to help you get your own SD501 ASAP!


Bob Hilke Jr
Enagic 5A Distributor
1.800.584.3596 phone
1.815.572.0405 fax
www.OrderKangenWater.com – Order SD501 Online
www.SD501demo.com – SD501 Demonstration
www.SD501brochure.com – Color SD501 Brochure
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