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Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days and 1,621 mpg for 3.5 months

Chevy Volt Mileage is 1,924 Miles Per Gallon

Our Chevy Volt is exceeding expectations on miles per gallon

Chevy Volt Mileage is consistently high for nearly four months

For the period starting mid-March through the end of June, our Chevy Volt mileage averaged 1,621 miles per gallon, based on 2707.48 miles traveled and using 1.67 gallons.

We are thrilled with our Chevy Volt mileage!

Our Chevy Volt mileage actual results are much better than we anticipated.  So far, we are able to travel most days entirely within the battery range.

Chevy Volt Trip Log from MyVolt.com

In March, Chevy started feeding Volt data to the MyVolt.com website for Chevy Volt owners to access their vehicle mileage data.  Here’s the top/bottom of the past 30-day report for our volt, including the totals at the bottom, and my calculation of the totals showing 1924 miles per gallon.

Chevy Volt Mileage - MyVolt.com data showing 1924 miles per gallon


You can see from the totals in the red band, we drove our volt 615.75 total miles from June 3 through July 3, and during that time period we used 0.32 gallons of gasoline.  That equates to 1,924.2 miles per gallon.  We are pleased with these Chevy Volt mileage results.  We have not pulled into a gas station with the Volt since February – more than 4 months!


Chevy Volt is GREAT!

Our Chevy Volt

Yes, we have a Chevy Volt.  So far it is proving to be a very excellent investment for our family.  We bought it in February, and here we are in April having only put 3.9 gallons into the tank since we purchased the car.  And we would not have needed to put that gas in – we could still be on our first tank of gas!  The past 1800 miles, we have burned less than 3 gallons.  That’s right… we are getting better than 600 Miles per Gallon!!!  Watch for more information about our results with the Volt – I’ll put updates on this blog.