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Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days and 1,621 mpg for 3.5 months

Chevy Volt Mileage is 1,924 Miles Per Gallon

Our Chevy Volt is exceeding expectations on miles per gallon

Chevy Volt Mileage is consistently high for nearly four months

For the period starting mid-March through the end of June, our Chevy Volt mileage averaged 1,621 miles per gallon, based on 2707.48 miles traveled and using 1.67 gallons.

We are thrilled with our Chevy Volt mileage!

Our Chevy Volt mileage actual results are much better than we anticipated.  So far, we are able to travel most days entirely within the battery range.

Chevy Volt Trip Log from MyVolt.com

In March, Chevy started feeding Volt data to the MyVolt.com website for Chevy Volt owners to access their vehicle mileage data.  Here’s the top/bottom of the past 30-day report for our volt, including the totals at the bottom, and my calculation of the totals showing 1924 miles per gallon.

Chevy Volt Mileage - MyVolt.com data showing 1924 miles per gallon


You can see from the totals in the red band, we drove our volt 615.75 total miles from June 3 through July 3, and during that time period we used 0.32 gallons of gasoline.  That equates to 1,924.2 miles per gallon.  We are pleased with these Chevy Volt mileage results.  We have not pulled into a gas station with the Volt since February – more than 4 months!


Driving the Chevy Volt – a Customer Review

Chevy Volt Customer Review – A Ride in the Volt

Are you looking for a Chevy Volt customer review?  If so, check out this video and see what it is like to ride in the Chevy Volt.  In this Chevy Volt customer review we take you on a nice little drive around the neighborhood including some highway driving and stop n go areas in the residential section.

My Chevy Volt Customer Review

Take a ride in the Chevy Volt and see why it becoming such a popular car. This Chevy Volt Customer Review includes seeing many of the features including power management, climate control, how quiet and smooth the Volt drives.  One thing you will notice in this Chevy Volt customer review video is that there is no transmission or gear shifting when the Volt is accelerating or decelerating.  The electric motor’s forte is at the slow speeds where it offers powerful torque and no shifting of gears.  In one of my other Chevy Volt Customer Review videos, I show how the Volt plugs in for charging the battery, and in yet another I show the math to demonstrate its mileage performance achieving greater than 630 miles per gallon.  Good stuff!

Note about the recording:  Please note that in this Chevy Volt customer review video we used a video camera with an aggressive microphone – it actively tries to balance the sound level, so in the video when I am not speaking the camera is picking up a level of noise that we do not normally hear or notice with our natural ears.

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Chevy Volt Customer Review - Photo

The Chevy Volt is capturing the hearts of many people across the country and world.  I personally followed the Volt for nearly two years before we made the decision to purchase one.  An important factor in our decision was reading what many existing Chevy Volt owners reported in their Chevy Volt Customer Review stories.  It was very helpful to find out what kind of mileage they were getting, what the pros and cons were for the car, and what variables affect the mileage.  So, I appreciate what other folks shared about their experiences.  Hopefully my reviews will help someone else seeking for information.

Another thing that helped us make the decision to purchase the Chevy Volt was the fact that our prior car was costing more than a car payment.  So a choice we were faced with was whether we should get a new car payment and also keep the “gas payment”, or whether we should get the Volt and just have the car payment.  Obviously, we opted for just the car payment.  I had basically decided that I did not wish to continue spending $60 to $70 every time I went to the gas station, which was happening nearly every week in our prior vehicle.  With the Chevy Volt, in over two months, we have only burned 3.2 gallons of gasoline.  I have only put 3.9 gallons of gas in the car since we have owned it, and I would not have needed to do that because we have not used a full tank worth of gas – we have used less than 8 gallons of gas in nearly 3,000 miles.  Our most recent 2,050 miles we have achieved about 650 miles per gallon.  So we have essentially eliminated a gas payment for one of our vehicles.  And my expectations for the Chevy Volt providing electric only transportation for my daily commute has been nicely exceeded.

I LOVE my Chevy Volt!

As we continue to gain experience with the Volt, I will provide additional Chevy Volt customer review reports.  So I can cover topics that will be most helpful to you, please provide your comments in the form below to let me know what other information you would like to see in a future Chevy Volt Customer Review.  Also, please let me know what you liked, if anything, in this Chevy Volt Customer Review, and what you were searching for when you found us.  Are you planning on getting a Volt?  Just curious?  Comparing with hybrids?  Want to help the ecology?  I’m anxious to hear your comments and questions.  Also, if you own a Volt and have provided a Chevy Volt customer review, please provide the link so I can see your experience with the volt.