Get Your Gift Here!

Get Your Gift Here!

Get Your Gift Here!

Watch the Miracle Molecule video to see how L-arginine can help reverse Heart Disease

Welcome!        Yup, that’s me…

I’m Bob Hilke Jr. and I’m thrilled that you are here to visit my website.  You will find a variety of information.  My degree is Nutritional Sciences, so while here you can learn about a remarkable natural nutrition approach using L-arginine and L-citrulline to improve your Cardiovascular Health and prevent or even reverse the damage of Heart Disease.  Also, you will find information on a remarkable type of water we drink called Kangen Water (r) which helps super-hydrate the body, balance pH and provides a strong negative ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) to mitigate free radical damage otherwise caused by oxidation.

I’m an Internet Marketing enthusiast in my spare time.  Of course, the Internet is on a different schedule than most of us — it works 24/7/365.25, so it is a great friend to have working on your side.  My passion is to help people succeed in part time effort, leveraging the Internet to get their story out there.  Perhaps you would like to partner with me in this endeavor.  Just about anything is possible if you set your heart to it and have the right tools and support.  I can help.

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