Celebrities Who Drink Kangen Water Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days and 1,621 mpg for 3.5 months Alkaline Water Video Kangen Water and Bodybuilding Very Healthy Water

Celebrities Who Drink Kangen Water

Kangen Water is a Hit with Celebrities   Get More Information about Kangen Water…

Chevy Volt gets 1,924 mpg for 30 days and 1,621 mpg for 3.5 months

Chevy Volt Mileage is 1,924 Miles Per Gallon Our Chevy Volt is exceeding expectations on miles per gallon Chevy Volt Mileage is consistently high for nearly four months For the period starting mid-March through the end of June, our Chevy Volt mileage averaged 1,621 miles per gallon, based on 2707.48 miles traveled and using 1.67 […]

Alkaline Water Video

Alkaline Water: the Natural Miracle This video about Ionized Alkaline Water provides a great overview of how Water Ionization works to produce Alkaline Water for drinking purposes.  Enjoy…

Kangen Water and Bodybuilding

Alkaline Water used by Wade Lightheart – World Class Bodybuilder Wade Lightheart who is also known as Wade McNutt is a Raw Vegan, and he drinks Alkaline Kangen Water that has been Ionized by a Kangen Water Ionizer. Wade wins National titles in body building, using no chemicals and no drugs. Wade attributes his success […]

Very Healthy Water

Just a quick note to mention this new website about Healthy Water… Very Healthy Water