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My Story

Here’s some key highlights of my life’s journey:

  • Born into a wonderful family
  • Raised on Rainy Lake on the Minnesota/Ontario border
  • Classical violinist and old-time fiddler
  • Beat the Iowa State Fiddle Champion at a contest
  • Degree in Nutritional Sciences
  • Served a 2-year full-time volunteer mission for my church
  • Honored to be married to the lovely Laurel Taylor Hilke
  • Proud father of four fantastic children
  • Worked 31 years for a Fortune 5 company
  • Owner of Hilke Enterprises
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Puratae
  • Always searching to learn and progress to be a better me

I hope you enjoy your time here on my website/blog. I’ll look forward to your comments in my blog posts that are of interest to you!

~ Bob Hilke Jr.


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